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'On Black and White Keys' / 'Auf schwarzen und weißen Tasten', Bremen, Germany
Weser Kurier

Darmstaedter Echo



Dziennik festiwalowy - Festiwal Muzyki Polskiej   (Krakow)

with Szymanowski Quartet

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"Viel Applaus für Jonathan Plowright" "Much applause for Jonathan Plowright"

"Und Plowright traf mit einer weiten Palette des Piano-Spiels zwischen verhauchen dem Pianissimo und sensibel angedeutetem Mezzoforte genau diese expressive Ebene sehr schön und farbenreich. Besonders das Intermezzo A-Dur (op. 118 Nr. 2) erfreute durch seine anheimelnde Lyrik."

"Langer und herzlicher Beifall für einen großartigen Künstler"
There was a long and hearty applause for this magnificent artist"

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"Artysci oddali sie bez reszty interpretowanym utworom. Ta radosna pasja, wzajemne partnerstwo na scenie, entuzjazm udzielił sie publicznosci, która została porwana przez rozbrzmiewajaca muzyke."

"The artists gave themselves unrestrainedly to the works they performed. Their joyful passion, mutual on-stage partnership and enthusiasm communicated themselves to their audience, which was captivated by the rousing music."

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"Plowright aber ist ein Pianist, dem hochste internationale Anerkennung gebuhrt."

"Plowright, however, is a pianist who deserves the highest praise and international recognition."

"Auch Beethovens Sonate op.109.....zeugt von der ernsten aber unverkrampften Noblesse Plowrights.  Der britische Pianist spielt in der hochsten Liga.  Und doch wird sein Name nur in Fachkreisen als Geheimtipp gehandelt."

"Beethoven’s sonata op. 109 another testimony of the grave but unconstrained nobility of Plowright’s art. This British pianist plays in the uppermost league. And yet, only insiders and connoisseurs know his name and treat it like a trade secret."

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"Im restlos ausverkauften Sende-saal Radio Bremens beschloß der britische Pianist Jonathan Plowright die diesjährige Serie „Auf schwarzen und weißen Tasten“. Er gefiel durch nahezu makellose Technik und einen beherzten, substanzreichen Zu- griff in kräftigen Farben und Kontrasten."

"The British pianist Jonathan Plowright gave the final recital of this year’s series “On black and white keys” in a completely sold-out Sendesaal. He impressed with his flawless technical abilities and with his energetic yet sensitive touch which produces a rich spectrum of colors and contrasts."



          "Pianobrillanz in Vollendung! "Piano brilliance at it's best!" 

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"Whether he is playing a tightly woven adaptation of a Bach Cantata or a sedate and melancholy Paderewski Nocturne, Jonathon Plowright is an assured and impressive pianist. His performance, to a crowded Academy Concert Hall, was gripping, and from the opening bars of Walter Rummel's transcriptions of two of Bach's Cantata's (203 and 127), Plowright had the audience spellbound. This was in part owing to his exceedingly accomplished musical technique; his command of the instrument appears so significant, allowing him fully to exploit the almost idiosyncratic expressive potential of Rummel's scores."



"Plowright is a player of formidable ease and accomplishment, fearless and consistent in his mastery of the knottiest challenges."



"In works that called for an intimate approach, he was remarkable, building a performance of quiet intensity that seemed to go directly to the heart of the music" 



"After only a few moments at his Purcell Room recital everyone will have been aware of his quite exceptional technical and poetical qualities." 



"Plowright demonstrated a keen and passionate sensitivity, which kept the audience enthralled right to the very end"



"One immediately heard and saluted a genuine artistic 'voice', individual in stamp, totally confident in utterance and possessed of real musical breadth."  



"there just has to be a touch of the supernatural around Plowright's fingers - how else does he hold us spellbound"  



"To describe Jonathan Plowright's debut recital at the Purcell Room as sensational is tempting but misleading; playing of such calibre, such compelling musical vigour, delicacy and authority suggests something above and beyond mere thrills."  


"Plowright is an exceptional artist with a fine career ahead of him" 




“Technically, his accomplishment is remarkable, and musically he communicates an absolute wholeness” 



"In Plowright’s playing, the listener can find everything: beauty, warmth of sound, extraordinary musicality, sensitivity to the tiniest details, great technical capabilities, and a flexibility of thought that allows him to choose various tone colours."